Heilan X3D Browser

Pong Example

A brief mockup of Pong done in Heilan to demonstrate v0.15's newly-fixed Ambisonics implementation. Note how the rotation of the camera does not throw the soundfield out any more - the position of the 'pong' sounds always matches that of the 'ball' on screen. The x3d file for this example is now included in the download packages, as test91_pong.x3d.

Ashitaka Sound Thought Performance

A performance I did with the Ashitaka audiovisual instrument for Sound Thought 2008 at Glasgow University.

Ashitaka Improvisation 1

An improvisation done with the Ashitaka audiovisual instrument running in Heilan. The physical interface you see me holding communicates with Heilan via Open Sound Control messages.

Ashitaka Improvisation 2

A second improvisation, this time giving you a better view of the visuals.


Video of my audiovisual piece 'origins' running in Heilan, presented at the 2006 Musica Electronica concert at Glasgow University in June. The audio's in stereo, so the spatialisation will be a bit messed up (stereo's one of the few things Ambisonics doesn't do so well, at least Heilan's implementation of it).

Download high-quality version (31MB, xvid avi) - webspace courtesy of the Centre for Music Technology, University of Glasgow.
(if you're having trouble playing it, try VLC)

NurbsPatchSurface Example

Video of 4 NurbsPatchSurfaces being manipulated in realtime by a MIDI fader box via OSC. No sound on this one - this is more to give you an idea of what's possible with Heilan running in realtime.

Download high-quality version (5.52MB, xvid avi).