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Open source VST plugins for Windows and OSX

Links - ndc

niallmoody.com - My homepage - has a number of audio programs etc. and some music I've made.
Subvert Audio - Subvert Audio is the program I wrote for my masters in Music Technology at Glasgow University. It's a Max-esque graphical music programming language, designed to try and stimulate the user's creativity.
Tao - Tao is a physical modelling music programming language, written by Mark Pearson. I'm a developer on the project.

Links - General Programming

P4 Denormal Problem - A lot of information on the Pentium 4 denormal problem.
Geometry - If, like me, your maths isn't so great (or even if it is), this site is invaluable for things like working out intersections of lines etc. (particularly useful for collision detection stuff).

Links - Audio Programming

Canonical Wave File Format - Very useful if you're working with .wav files.
Fun with Sinusoids - A more in-depth discussion on generating sine waves for audio uses (still doesn't talk about recursive/filter methods though).
Music DSP - An archive full of dsp algorithms.
Harmony Central Audio Programming - Some code examples (C++) of various audio-type stuff.
DSP Guru - Has a couple of FAQs on filter design.
Simulanalog - A bunch of stuff (inc. a lot of maths) on how to model tube amplifiers.
Yehar's Digital Sound Processing Tutorial for the Braindead - An online book-type-thing that explains a lot of stuff about digital audio such as filters etc.
STK - A set of cross-platform C++ classes for audio/sound synthesis.
Pole Zero Explorer - A VST plugin which lets you move the poles and zeroes of a filter in real-time. Very useful in understanding digital filters.
MIDI Note Number to Frequency Conversion - This is pretty necessary if you're creating a MIDI instrument.
MIDI Specification - Can be useful if you're doing MIDI things.
Steinberg's Developer Page - Links to the various Steinberg SDKs, including the VST and ASIO ones.

Links - C++ Programming

Bloodshed Dev-C++ - An open source IDE for the mingw (Windows) port of the gcc compiler. It's pretty good, but it can't really compete with Microsoft's IDEs, unfortunately.
Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2005 beta - A freely-available version of Microsoft's current compiler/IDE. You'll probably need various header files and libraries too, try here.
wxWidgets - A cross-platform c++ library.
JUCE - A cross-platform c++ library from the guy behind Tracktion. Has lots of nice features like ASIO support, XML support, MIDI support etc.
Casting in C++ - A good explanation of the C++ casting operators (useful if you still rely on C-style casts).
PortAudio - A very useful cross-platform audio library - I use this in just about every audio program I've ever written.
OpenGL Reference Manual - A necessity if you're working with OpenGL.
NeHe's Tutorials - The best place to learn OpenGL, really.

Links - Delphi Programming

Scuzzphut - A Delphi VST plugin programmer, has very well documented source code for a Delay plugin (based on Frederic Vanmol's slightly less-documented code, which is itself based on code from the C++ VST SDK). I used this as a starting block for the Rhythmic Metalisation Delay.
DIB Controls - Fantastic graphical controls for use in Delphi (includes things like dials, transparency and rotation).
Toby Bear - The VST developer behind the Delphi VST template (pretty much essential if you want to make VST plugins with Delphi). His site also has a bunch of interesting audio programming links.

Links - VST Stuff

KVR - A good place to go (the only place to go?) for VST/DX/AU stuff news.
Yvan Grabit's Site - A bunch of useful information on the VST standard (Yvan Grabit is one of the guys at Steinberg, in case you didn't know). You'll find the links for the VST mailing list here. This is pretty much essential if you want to develop VST plugins.
VST Source Code Archive - Just what it says on the tin. It's still kind of empty, but it does have some useful pointers.
Toby Newman - This guy wrote a dissertation on 'Audio Algorithms and how to write a VST plugin', downloadable in PDF format.
Register VST Plugin IDs - It's a good idea to check your ID(s) here, so you avoid clashes with other plugins (I should really listen to my own advice).
VSTGUI Sourceforge Page - Where you can get the latest version of VSTGUI.
VST Hosting Example - A simple vst hosting application at the vst source code archive. This is very helpful if you'd like to write a vst host.
NUSofting - I ported NUSofting's microrock pro and Harp Time Fun synths to OS X (VST). You should check the site out, there's some interesting plugins to be found here.
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