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Open source VST plugins for Windows and OSX

About ndc Plugs

ndc Plugs was originally meant to a group thing, with me (Niall) and two friends (ndc stands for Niall, Davie, and Craig), but Davie and Craig have never actually done anything, so it's basically become the place I release my esoteric VST plugins.

(e-mail to: niallmoody [AT] yahoo [DOT] co [DOT] uk, but please ask any questions you have on the forum - that way other people can see the answer, and don't have to ask the same question twice)


Spacedad - Co-designer of My First Step Sequencer.
NUSofting - I ported microrock pro and Harp Time Fun to OS X (VST) for Liqih at NUSofting, he returned the favour by creating a modified version of Brush Strokes :-)
PJ Geerlings - I helped PJ with the gui code for his great NuBi plugin. This was the first proper project I used my VSTGUI Builder on.
Tomasz Kaye (cbit) - Made the GUI for The Modulator 2 and Buffer Synth 2, and Tempo Sync Reverser was also his idea.
Brittnell - Graciously mirrored our plugins for a while when I was on Geocities, then his site seemed to disappear and I haven't heard from him since...
Toby Bear/Bram from SmartElectronix - Kindly permitted me to use their MadShifta pitch-shifting code in The Modulator 2.