The Great Caledonian Forest Race

The Great Caledonian Forest Race title screen.
The Great Caledonian Forest Race title screen. The game's intro text: 'Speedy Tweedy is the fastest (and most consistent!) runner in the world. They've won the prestigious Caledonian Forest Race for the past 10 years. What's more, they win it in exactly 30 seconds, every time! But you've been practicing all week, and you think you can beat them.' One of the main hidden object sections of the game: the text 'Find your way through the trees' at the top of the screen, with a 12 by 16 grid of plant emojis, and one sparkle emoji peeking out from behind a tree. One of the risk/reward sections of the game: The text 'Oh no! The river's burst its banks!' at the top, followed by an image of a log bridging a stream, and 2 options: 'Try to cross the slippery log (V. HIGH RISK!)' and 'Take the long way round (low risk/slow)'

A mobile-friendly racing game/hidden object game, created in v buckenham's Downpour. Contains terrible sharpie drawings and far too many emojis. You'll want a timer on hand to play it as intended.